The Hourglass

The Institute of Temporal Observation and Application is a secret department on NCSU's campus that focuses "Transdimensional Science" aka Time Travel. They claim to push the limits of astrophysics and many different theories as we know it. The Hourglass is a common nickname for the group, due to their hourglass shaped moniker.

Below you will find pertinent information to our current missions. This is only a fraction of the research and reconnaissance we have gathered over the past several decades that pertain to The Institute.

"The Institute prides themselves on their advancements in the scientific community without weighing the cost to safety and the lives they put at risk. The Institute's moral ambiguity has brought harm and unnecessary risk to many of it's own members. They do not and will not freely admit to this at risk of losing funding or their status." -Goodspeed

The Website

On November 4,2021 The Hourglass updated their website ( for the first time in many years. They appear to be bringing themselves to a more public appearance instead of the shroud of secrecy they have been under for many decades.

The Hourglass recently added several new topics to their website:

  • Mission: The Hourglass added a mission statement to their website. We have added it below here.

  • Institute Staff: The Hourglass has named 5 members of their organization as staff. These names include Alister Beldon (founder), Roger Meridian, Jack Merton, Peter Albright, and Joan Faraday. **The Cadre has already begun gathering all it's information on said people. More info to come.**

  • New welcome video: from the founder Dr. Alister Beldon. This video appears to have been recorded in 1979. The video is titled "Welcome" and is linked HERE.

The Hourglass has also started an open sign-up for a new nondescript "study." Once signed up, it instructs you to meet an Institute Technician at the ADA entrance to Broughton Hall on central campus. At this time we do not have any further information about what the study pertains to.

Mission Statement

Here is The Hourglass Mission Statement according to their website:

"Here at the Institute for Temporal Observation and Application our mission is for the betterment of mankind and the advancement of world peace through the use of technology. The Institute operates under a strong sense of exploration, togetherness, and innovation, with cutting edge research happening every day.

The Institute was originally founded at NC State in 1968 by the esteemed Dr. Alister Beldon and his colleague Dr. Roger Meridian, from the Physics and Math Departments, respectively. Together, they imagined a communal research institution on campus, where free-thinking scientists could pursue research in Astrophysics, Negative Energies, Electromagnetism, Quantum Mysticism, Retrocausality, and most importantly, Transdimensional science.

Over the course of the following decades, Dr. Beldon has gathered the brightest students and greatest minds to innovate and enhance science and the world as we know it. The Institute has developed a plethora of breakthrough technologies and led the field of Transdimensional Science.

Today, The Institute remains a leader and is continuing to push its own boundaries. Having recently launched innovative new studies into many of these fields, The Institute seeks to propel further discovery, both inward and outward, that will continue to reverberate throughout all of time."

Orientation/Dr. Beldon's Office

Dr. Beldon's Office is a very important location for The Hourglass. It is a place where their "illustrious founder" worked and came up with his inventions. This room is full of knick knacks and other items that give us a better idea of how eccentric Beldon is as a person.

On the days leading up to the "study," we dispatched several informants to gather as much information they could about their study and how the Hourglass intended to recruit new members.

Inside the room, the Hourglass intended to show the study participants a short video explaining who they are and to reassure the safety of the tests then run several aptitude tests to place them in the study.

This video began with Ms. Belbell welcoming people to The Institute and introducing them to Dr. Beldon. It then proceeded to play a video from 1979 (similar to the welcome video) with Dr. Beldon explaining the nature of the study and who they are. He then instructs the participants to sign a stack of contracts including a non-disclosure agreement.

In the room we did not find any aptitude tests that are spoken about in the video, but we assumed they would be administered by the members watching over the participants.

In the days following this investigation, Mister E and I devised a plan to disrupt the flow of participants and inform them of the dangers they are in working with the Hourglass. We may have planted a few things in the room that the Hourglass members would not notice. -Goodspeed

The Observatory

The Observatory is an auxiliary location for the Hourglass. They use this location to monitor and assess all the studies and ongoings in the labs and other locations.

The Hourglass keeps assessments on everything and everyone in the program. They watch over all that goes on and no one is trusted.

The surveillance console was once advanced, high tech piece of equipment for the Hourglass. The console was specially designed to efficiently and effectively monitor all that happens while maintaining the safety and security of the experiments.

The Cadre has gained access to this space due to a technical glitch in the security and prior knowledge to when there are interns and researchers in the space.

This photo was taken by an inside source.

We gained access to this space quite some time ago. When accessible Mister E sends new recruits to this space to show undeniable proof of the Hourglass' intentions and to test the skills of the new recruits. -Goodspeed

The Main Lab

The main lab for the Hourglass is the location where most of the research and innovations occur. It is also the location where we see the most activity happen. We believe it is the location of most of their devices and experiments.

The location of the lab is unknown to the Cadre. We currently have informants on mission to gain information to the lab for us.