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N.E.D Matter

What is NED Matter?

Negative Energy Density Matter, or NED Matter, is a volatile substance that has the properties of it's namesake, negative energy and negative density. NED Matter has been found to have similar properties to Anti-matter or Dark Matter. In the scientific community, negative energy density is widely considered theoretical.

Experimental Concepts for Generating Negative Energy in the Laboratory- E. W. Davis and H. E. Puthoff- earthtech.org

Negative Energy, Wormholes and Warp Drive- Scientific American Vol. 282, No. 1 (JANUARY 2000), pp. 46-53 (8 pages)

Known Information:

NED Matter is the primary field of study by The Hourglass and appears to be their primary purpose. This substance is present in every Hourglass lab and most inventions.

In Orientation Video 10 of 13: The Observatory, Dr. Beldon somewhat explains the dangers of prolonged NED Matter exposure or a breach in the containment of the matter.

"…it is of the utmost importance, that if the N.E.D. exposure alarm were to sound, that the reset code be entered correctly and in a timely fashion. Although your initial exposure to the N.E.D. Matter will protect you temporarily, I must emphasize the expediency. From the moment the alarm sounds you will only have 5 minutes to enter the code into the microcomputer processor. Failure to properly enter the code in a timely manner could compromise the integrity of the project or worse…lead to another Incident. I repeat, failure to enter the code may have serious repercussions."

Our Hypothesis:

The Hourglass prides itself on secrecy and we believe this substance and it's research is the reason for the secrecy. Many sectors of the scientific world believes Negative Energy Density Matter as theoretical. It appears The hourglass has made it practical and believe they are manipulating the matter in way that affects space time.

Over their many decades of research and study, it appears the Hourglass has looked for ways to harness the power of the NED Matter. At this time we do not have much information to share about the substance. We have several Cadre members looking in on the matter to understand the Hourglass' motives.