Orientation Films

In 1979, The Hourglass spent a large amount of money to produce a series of instructional films about their program and orientations for some of their inventions. These films seem to have been produced for internal purposes, for investors, or for the purpose of starting a study similar to the one they are doing today. All of the films focus solely on Dr. Beldon.

The Cadre has spent a considerable amount of time trying to get our hands on these films and have only thus far accumulated a couple. They are very difficult to track down and leads are few and far between. We know of at least 14 but rumors of more. We have members currently following credible leads. Below is the list of films we have discovered and links to where we have stored copies.

Left Photo: From Untitled Greeting Film Right Top Photo: Office Orientation Film Right Bottom Photo: The Observatory

"Why does he give this look? It's like he is looking into your soul." -Goodspeed

Untitled Greeting Film

Orientation 1 of 13: Welcome to Tomorrow

Orientation 2 of 13: Unknown

Orientation 3 of 13: N.E.D. Matter, or Negative Energy Density Matter

Orientation 4-9 of 13: Unknown

Orientation 10 of 13: The Observatory

Orientation 11-13 of 13: Unknown

Device Orientation 1 of 7: Unknown

Device Orientation 2 of 7: The Looking Glass

Device Orientation 4-5 of 7: Unknown

Device Orientation 6 of 7: The Aperture

Device Orientation 7 of 7: Unknown