Hourglass Members

Under the veil of The hourglass' secrecy, there are many members. Over time we have gained information about many different Hourglass members. We have added ones of significance here; The founders, current leaders, and significant current and past members. From the update of the website (here) we now have all of the founding members identified.

Confirmed Founders:

Dr. Alister Beldon

Dr. Beldon was a professor of Theoretical Physics. His primary position at NCSU was the founder and principle researcher for The Institute. Beldon has been primary spokesperson of the program since it's inception. Beldon retired in 2006 from the university, but remains an active member of the program. He has not been as active on campus in the past few years, but we have no reason to believe it means he is any less involved in the program.

While researching acquired internal files of the program, we discovered there to be little evidence of anyone else from the program speaking publicly. Every interdepartmental meeting or external meeting were attended by Beldon.

Dr. Beldon and the program are accredited for all discoveries and technological advances.

The Following is pulled directly from his bio on The Hourglass' website.

"Dr. Alister Beldon is a theoretical physicist, futurist, professor (emeritus), innovator, and a leader on NC State’s campus since 1963. He received two B.S. degrees (Physics and Philosophy) and Ph.D. from NC State, where his doctoral thesis was the institution’s first on the topic of Negative Energies. Following his BS degree he studied briefly with the esteemed Werner Heisenberg in Munich at the Max Planck Institute for Physics, where he earned his MA and learned much about both physics and his personal philosophies. In 1968, along with two other highly regarded professors on campus, Dr. Beldon founded The Institute for Temporal Observation and Application where, together, they delved into the mysteries of theoretical and experimental physics and founded the studio transdimensional science. During this period he helped initiate many new and innovative research projects into negative energy and spacetime, as well as quantum field theories. After thirty four years of service to The Institute and nearly forty with NC State altogether, Dr. Beldon retired in 2006. He is currently an emeritus professor and remains active with The Institute.

His main research interests have been – atomic physics, quantum mechanics, time dilation, wormholes, black holes and the unified theory of quantum gravity. His broader interests include sonoluminescence, quantum mysticism, and the human mind."


Dr. Roger Meridian

Dr. Meridian was a professor in the Mathematics program. He is no longer with the program. Not much is known past this.


Dr. Jack Merton

Dr. Merton was a professor in the Nuclear and Industrial Engineering programs. He is no longer with the program. Not much is known past this.


Dr. Peter Albright

Dr. Albright was a professor in the Biological Sciences. He is no longer with the program. Not much is known past this.


Dr. Joan Faraday

Dr. Faraday was a professor of American History and the only female founder. She is no longer with the program. Not much is known past this.

Current Leaders:

Most information about the current leaders is either redacted or removed from public record. The Hourglass performs a rigorous process to remove traces of it's existence. Below we list everything we know about these leaders. These people are not listed under NCSU Directories or under any instructor on record. From our research, they work exclusively for the program.

Dr. Willard Schafford

We believe Dr. Schafford is the longest serving active member of The Hourglass. From our understanding, His primary duty is to manage the hourglass as a whole and perform a majority of the clerical duties for the program. The earliest information we have about him with the program dates back to 1978.

His name can be found on many forms and documents we have acquired; this includes most of the orientation documents and the non-disclosure agreements found within the research intern profiles. Not much more has been found beyond this.


Dr. Andre Chase

We strongly believe Dr. Chase is the Current Lead Researcher and Research Supervisor for The Hourglass. He also appears to be the Supervisor for Undergraduate Researchers. We have reason to believe he works very closely with the N.E.D. Matter containment systems and the research involving N.E.D. Matter. Chase has been with the program since 1989.

Recently, The Cadre discovered a bundle of Hourglass folders of active or recently active research interns within The Observatory. Amongst this bundle was a folder marked "Thomas, T" that included a hand written letter from Chase to Ms. Belbell. This letter describes the discovery of a lost student and the need to reassess safety precautions. File info found here.


Dr. Antonia Mercholi

We believe Dr. Mercholi is the Lead Technological Researcher and Developer for The Hourglass. We believe her main focus is in research and development along with maintenance and upkeep of primary technologies. Mercholi has been with the program since 1997.

The Cadre have discovered Mercholi's signature and name many times while analyzing lines of code acquired from Hourglass Technology.

Significant Current and Past Members:

Ms. Belbell

Ms. Belbell (first name unknown) is the Administrative Assistant for The Hourglass and Executive Assistant to Dr. Beldon. She has been with the program since 1974, as stated at the begining of the orientation film.

Some Cadre members have managed to have conversations with her and they report she is a kind, honest person who keeps her head down and does her job. We do not know why she is involved with The Hourglass or how she joined them. We do not have much info about her past at this point.


Dr. Reeves

Dr. Reeves (first name unknown) was the mentor to Beldon, as mentioned briefly by Beldon in Orientation 1 of 13. "Following in the footsteps of my late great mentor, Dr. Reeves..." He/she/they are believed to have been involved with the pre-formation of The Hourglass or was fundamental to the formation of the program. From the phrasing of the statement, we believe Dr. Reeves passed away either in the early formation years of the program or just prior.

We do not know much further about Dr. Reeves at this time. We have several Cadre Members looking into this, so we expect there to be more info to come once our research is complete.