Taylor Thomas

Age: ????

Field of study: ????

Disappearance Date: Some time in 2021

Arrival Date: August 16, 1996

Association with The Institute: None

Institute Identification Number: TT48134

Institute Codename: The Fool

We are beginning to understand what happened to Taylor and when in time they arrived. At this time, we are uncertain of their association with The Institute or if there even was one. We believe, while Taylor was studying at DH Hill Library, they were somehow sent to August 16, 1996. We do not know the cause of this or the exact time. We also do not know how the voicemails are being recieved at the phone number, but they seem to be progressively be recieved at the number. The audios and transcripts are archived below.

First References:

1) Researchers in the lab referencing their name

Discovered and reported by various Cadre Members during Cadre Acquisitioned time in The Observatory.

2) A file with name "Thomas, T" found amongst Research Intern profiles in Observatory

Inside profile reads this:


We've gotten word of a student going missing

on camups. As far as I can tell it's

not one of ours, however there's some

evidence that the timing of the

disappearance and a NED overload

are a bit too close for my liking.

There's a proximity concern as well.

Apparently their name is Taylor Thomas.

We'll need to suspend any further

NED activity until we are able to

properly assess. The unusual piece of

info is that there was no scheduled

experiment at that time, however the

computer log indicates activity at

that time. Further investigation is



Discovered and reported by various Cadre members

No conclusive evidence connecting them to knowledge of Institute or wrong place wrong time

Taylor's Truck:

Due to recent intelligence, the Cadre has been made aware of a mysterious vehicle parked on campus at a parking spot with a reserved sign for The Institute. We found this interesting because this was not something they had done before or were known to do. The parking spot had remained empty for quite a while beforehand.

We dispatched several informants to locate the vehicle and report their findings. They were instructed in a riddle the location to prevent from prying eyes. The vehicle is a Ford 150, green in color with the license plate PN-5989.

A vehicle has been identified on central campus that belongs to a stray.

Find the location of the vehicle.

to begin, a hero must batTle alongside the gladiators in the many spaces of the coliseum.

they must staRt on the side of the rising sun and take the first step and climb to their greatness.

the green knight dUo aspires to rise to beCome the yellow warrior trio.

the hero and their chariot of eff won fifty coins;

and the king of par marKed their plate with the numbers 5989 to signify their glory.

When reporting back, informants discovered several conspicuous items in the vehicle. The most interesting items were a tarot card with the symbol of The Fool, a parking ticket, and a letter seemingly from Taylor to someone named Parker. These items were found on the dashboard of the vehicle with the ticket under the windshield wiper.

The letter reads:


I just got my new phone and

I'm headed to study, so here is

my new number, just in case

you need to find me. CALL ME

if you need anything! or for


-Taylor (919-515-2033)

Several informants reported back having called the phone number on the paper to potentially contact Taylor or gain more information about their disappearance. When called, they were met with an automated voice recording.


Voicemail 1

Voice message recieved: August 16, 1996

This message is a voicemail message from Taylor to someone named Parker (presumably their roommate or some relation) stating they were running late after falling asleep while studying in the library. They soon after discover their car is not in the location where they left it. Taylor proceeds to attempt to rationalize the disappearance of their car. They attempt to go to the transportation office, but find it to be closed. They decide in the end to ask Parker to pick them up from the library and they would figure it out the following day.

Taylor Voicemail #1

Transcript for #1:

"Voice message recieved: August 16, 1996"

Hey Parker, it’s Taylor. I’m running slightly late for movie night. I fell asleep studying in the library for Socio... Sorry, that was weird. I know I shouldn’t have parked in the deck, I was only supposed to be here for a couple hours. Yes it was a reserved spot but it’s after 5 and there was no one there. I hope I didn't get another ticket. I can’t afford another one. Hey, I’ll call you back in a minute.

Hey Parker, it’s Taylor. Sorry, I got lost for a second, I had to concentrate. Also, I just walked past like 8 people standing in the middle of the brickyard dancing to The Macarena. Who does that? Anyways, The library seemed to be having a themed party or something. Everyone was dressed like they’re in Buffy the Vampire Slayer. It's really weird. Wait, didn’t I park over here? Oh no, over there.

So my father asked me to come home next weekend. I think I'm gonna go to make him happy, since It’s almost his birthday. I just want you to know, in case I go missing or something. Where is my car? I parked it right here. Transportation must have towed it. I guess I'm going to the transportation office. I’ll call you back, again.

Hey Parker, it’s Taylor. The transportation office was closed. I guess it is getting kind of late. If you get this call, can you come pick me up? I'm gonna go wait at the library. Call me when you get close, otherwise I’m going to be sleeping here tonight.

Voicemail 2

"Voice message received August 17, 1996"

This message is again a voicemail from Taylor to Parker. In this message Taylor visited the transportation office to find their car. The transportation office did not have a record of Taylor, which shocked them. Afterwards, they walked around campus noticing major differences between what they know and what they saw. At the end, they start to panic and hang up.

Taylor Voicemail #2

Transcript for #2:

"Voice message received August 17, 1996"

Hey Parker, it’s Taylor. So I went to the transportation office today; you know, to try and find my car. The lady at the desk looked at me weirdly and then riffled through a large pile of papers. She told me they had no record of my car. I told them there must be a mistake. I told her my name and she looked through a set of files. She came back and asked me If I was being funny. THEY HAD NO RECORD OF ME. HOW DO I NOT EXIST? I’ve been here for 2 years.

I started walking around and things are so weird. Talley doesn’t even look the same. There is a giant round building in the middle of the brickyard, I think it’s called Harrelson. How Did I not catch this yesterday? Am I that oblivious? Am I going crazy or am I not in 2021 anymore? How is this possible?

Wait, if I’m not in 2021 anymore, how does my phone still work? Are you even getting these? Why am I doing this?

Voicemail 3

"Voice message received August 25, 1996"

In this message, Taylor appears to be in shock about their surroundings and being what appears to be 1996. They sound depressed and appear to be beginning to accept their new reality.

Taylor Voicemail #3

Transcript for #3:

"Voice message received August 25, 1996."

Hey Parker, it’s Taylor. I don’t know what’s going on anymore. I just wanna go home.

I understand that I’m not at home anymore. I mean, I am but not in the right time. That sounds absolutely insane. Am I going crazy? Visually, I understand where I am, but logically it makes no sense.

I’ve gone over it time and time again. I’ve walked the path I took that afternoon, nothing is out of the ordinary. Over and over again… maybe I missed something. I just don’t understand how one minute I’m in 2021 and now I’m here.

Please come and find me. I just want to go home.

Voicemail 4

"Voice message received September 5, 1996"

In this message, Taylor decides to start dating the logs and is beginning to accept their new reality. They sign up for classes and spent the entire day filling out paperwork for financial aid. They end the message with telling Parker they made a new friend.

Taylor Voicemail #4

Transcript for #4:

"Voice message received September 5, 1996."

Hey Parker, It’s Taylor. I figure I should start dating these things so I don’t forget how long it’s been. Today is September 5th. It’s been almost 3 weeks since I arrived and I think I'm starting to get used to it. I mean, I still don’t feel like I belong, but it really isn’t that bad. I was hiding out anywhere I could for the first few days, until I realized I can’t keep hiding forever, I have to start living my life. If it means I live here now, then so be it.

I tried something crazy earlier; I went and I signed up for classes. I thought, what could it hurt? I walked into the registrar’s office and signed up for classes, which was super easy. I can’t believe I actually got registered. I have 2 classes on Monday.

The thing I won’t ever get used to is how slow electronics are. When I was filling out the paperwork for financial aid, the program was so slow, It took like 5 minutes to load a page and form on the computer, every single time. It took me most of the day to get through it. Most people don’t even have cell phones or laptops. Some do, but you should see how big and clunky they are. They have no clue how much the internet is gonna change the world.

I guess that’s about it for now. You would be proud of how brave I was. It’s okay here, but I still want to go home and see my family.

Oh, and Parker, I may have made a friend. I’ll tell you next time.

Voicemail 5

"Voice message received October 31, 1996"

In this message, Taylor sounds quite settled in their new life. They continue to record these for Parker, but it has transitioned more into a diary of the goings on in their life.

They talk about their new friends Reggie and Christina, who they are trying to get to go on a date. They seem to be starting to enjoy their new life.

Taylor Voicemail #5.wav

Transcript for #5:

"Voice message received October 31, 1996."

Hey Parker, It’s Taylor. Happy Halloween. Midterms were ROUGH. I feel like I barely passed them. I was so glad when fall break came. I didn’t end up doing much other than hanging with a couple friends. Mainly Christina, Reggie, and a couple others. We just watched a bunch of VHS tapes that we borrowed from the library. I didn’t really have anywhere else to go. It was really nice. I feel like I’m really starting to fit in here.

I’m going to my first party tonight. Christina is forcing me to go with her. There’s gonna be a bunch of other people there from my classes and Reggie, so at least I will know some of them. I think Christina has a thing for Reggie, but she keeps denying it everytime I bring it up. I think I’m gonna try to set them up. They always poke fun at each other like an old married couple, it’s kinda funny. They obviously like each other. Reggie would never admit it because he’s “too cool and a lone wolf” to be tied down. Ugh… Him and his stupid beard.

I am really getting used to this. Christina keeps telling me how excited she is to go see Jerry McGuire when it comes out. She loves Tom Cruise. I just sit there quietly and nod. She’s so excited, I don’t want to spoil it for her. I think I am going to drag Reggie along and make them sit together. He is going to HATE sitting through it. He hates rom-coms, He’s “too manly for them.” I’m gonna make him do it anyway. He would do anything for Christina, even if he would never admit it.

Anyways, I guess I should go back to studying and matchmaking. I will talk to you again in a couple days.