Emma Beldon


Field of study: Communications

Disappearance Date: February 12-16, 2020 (Emma's Journal)

Arrival Date: July 4, 1972 (Emma's Journal)

Association with The Institute: Undergraduate Researcher

Institute Identification Number: EB15397

Institute Codename: The Hanged Man

First Cadre Point of Connection, post disappearance: August 26, 1974 (Mission 2)

There are many questions surrounding the disappearance of Emma Beldon.

Emma Beldon is the granddaughter of Hourglass founder Alister Beldon. Before her disappearance, she was a Junior in the communications department at NC State. She lived with her roommate and fellow stray, Jessica Grayson.

Cadre members were first introduced to Emma as one of the profiles for the missing students in The Observatory.

The next major piece of information we find out about Emma comes from Emma's journal. Her journal gives us quite a look into her life and her interests pre and post disappearance. The full journal can be found in Gathering Intel 3.

  • Emma had interests in digital media and podcasting before her disappearance

  • She recorded several podcasts, but seemingly never finished or released any

  • Emma talked to her grandfather and got Jess an internship with The Hourglass

The journal gives us Emma's first hand account of her experience after Jess goes missing.

  • Emma decided to join The Hourglass to definitively answer if they were responsible for Jess' disappearance.

  • Shortly after starting at The Hourglass, Emma claims to have found proof of their involvement

Emma gets lost in 1972

Ongoing investigations will continue and more info will be added soon.