Gathering Intel- The Journal

In the same communication as announcing Mission 2, Mister E told Cadre Members about their next intel gathering.

"While doing research on campus, a Cadre member stumbled upon a recording between 2 of our strays. To keep from further suspicion by the Hourglass, we have placed a new trail with sections from this audio. The end of the trail leads to what we believe is insight into the mind of one of our strays."

Starting Point:

The communication ended with a QR Code that lead to a brick symbol of the NC State logo outside the Reynolds Colliseum.

"This is the beginning location of an audio recording between 2 of our strays, Jess and Emma, before they were lost.

Here you will find the trail to another objective. Look around to find your clue. (35.783941, -78.669257)"

Podcast Part 1

Audio Podcast Part 1:

On the back side of the semi-circle brick wall outside Reynolds Coliseum is the first QR Code. The only thing on the page is an audio file of two of our strays, Jess and Emma, recording a rudimentary podcast, talking to each other casually about life.

We believe this recording is modern day and is from the perspective of Jess and Emma prior to either of their disappearances.

In this part of the podcast, Jess and Emma travel from the starting point to the metal chairs outside Talley, when Jess decides to get food from inside Talley.

(Audio to the left, Transcript below)

Audio Podcast Part 1 Transcript:

JESS: Hey, I’m here.

EMMA: Oh hey, sorry, let me put my phone away….

JESS: What’s with the recorder…?

EMMA: I thought I’d record some stuff for my podcast. I was thinking of a day in the life type thing…? Maybe?

JESS: Ok… cool, as long as I get a credit.

EMMA: Of course. I started recording because I love the amazing acoustics right here. Have you tried it before?

JESS: No, what?

EMMA: Stand on the “C”, face me and say something.

JESS: HELLOOOOOOOOO - oh wait that’s super cool.

EMMA: Right? That’s what I thought.

JESS: Can we run by Talley? I was gonna grab some sushi from One Earth.

EMMA: Sure, that’s cool.

JESS: I love secret hidden stuff like that. That, and puzzles in general. Stuff like that feels like I’m a member of the secret club that’s in the know. Ya know?

EMMA: Oh I know…our mutual love of the puzzle is how we met, remember. Board game night at Gabe’s place.

JESS: Yup! How could I forget the night I met my best fiend.

EMMA: Don’t you mean friend… ?

JESS: I said what I said.

EMMA: How was class…?

JESS: Garbage.

EMMA: Why this time?

JESS: Oh… the professor is too used to talking to grad students I think, and it's WAY over my head…

EMMA: Gross. What class?

JESS: Quantum Physics.

EMMA: Well no wonder. It’s a 400 level class and you’re like a sophomore. I’m shocked they even let you in.

JESS: Yeah… I knew it was going to be hard, but like come on! You’ve been teaching this subject for like a thousand years, don’t expect me to know everything yet.

EMMA: This is why I’m not a science major.

JESS: …and why you’re still undeclared…?

EMMA: Shut it.

JESS: Never! You know you love me.

EMMA: That doesn’t mean I like you.

JESS: Ugh, these statues are creepy.

EMMA: What’s wrong with Coach V’s mouth?

JESS: Correct! He’s TERRIFYING. He haunts my nightmares.

EMMA: Agreed.

JESS: Ok, so I’m gonna pop in and grab some sushi.

EMMA: I’ll grab a table here around the corner.

JESS: Ok cool. Be right back.

Audio Podcast Part 2:

The next QR Code is located under a tree in Stafford Commons, within eye-shot of the previous QR Code.

In this part, Jess asks Emma about her desire to work for the local radio station, the two talk about "Cape Guy", and they discuss the "art" in the Free Expression Tunnel. This part ends on the swings at Williams Courtyard.

(Audio to the right, Transcript below)

Podcast Part 2.mp3

Audio Podcast Part 2 Transcript:

EMMA: Annnd we’re back. Live on the scene with Jess Grayson. Tell the audience how you’re feeling Jess.

JESS: Sustenance consumed. Feeling full.

EMMA: Did you enjoy your mercury poisoning?

JESS: Oh I did. Must we be recording… ?

EMMA: We absolutely must.

JESS: Fine. Are you still thinking about being a DJ with WKNC?

EMMA: Well… maybe. Right now I think I’m focusing on the podcast.

JESS: Ok cool. You’ve got the voice for either really.

EMMA: Aww, thanks! Wanna walk?

JESS: Sure that’s cool. I have something I wanna ask you later anyway.

EMMA: That’s not ominous at all… Let’s head this way.

JESS: Cool.

EMMA: Oh my god, it’s Cape Guy!

JESS: Uh, actually it’s a cloak… there’s a difference.

EMMA: Whatever.

JESS: A cloak comes over your shoulders and clasps in the front. A cape is on your back.

EMMA: Fine. You win. Either way, this sighting definitely means I’ll pass my test tomorrow.

JESS: Blessings be.

EMMA: Amen.

JESS: See, these statues are cool.

EMMA: The wolves?

JESS: Yeah, they’re artsy. You look at that middle wolf and you think, “Wow, that wolf is me.” Also… not creepy. Unlike poor Coach V.

EMMA: Right! I really love their texture. And all the negative space made by the holes.

JESS: Ok, so… the art class is paying off I see.

EMMA: You’ll be able to find my future artwork in here.

JESS: You’ll be the next Dali.

EMMA: The next Georgia O'Keeffe, thank you.

JESS: So your plan is to paint, quote unquote, flowers… ?

EMMA: Precisely. They’ll be right at home with all the penises painted in here. I really do love the tunnel, though. Despite the smell. I think it’s cool how it’s always changing. Like, peeling away the layers would be like looking back in time.

JESS: Huh. Yeah, I never really thought of it like that.

EMMA: Just think of all the students who’ve come here over the years to do the exact same thing, over and over again; promoting their sorority, or writing an in-joke, or just pouring out the messy landscape of their mind.

JESS: Huh…Yeah. Someone could write a book entitled “The History of Penis Graffiti.”

EMMA: So… you were gonna ask me something? You want to head over to the swings?

EMMA: They really should put a better path here.

JESS: Yeah, agree.

Podcast Part 3

Audio Podcast Part 3:

This QR Code is located next to a bench swing in Williams Courtyard.

In this part, Jess questions Emma about her grandfather and the work he does for the university. She proceeds to ask Emma if they are looking for research assistants and if Emma would put in a good word for her. They then proceed to have a brainstorm about Emma's podcast ideas. This part ends with a conversation about Harrelson Hall and the brickyard.

(Audio to the left, Transcript below)

Audio Podcast Part 3 Transcript:

EMMA: Much better. So, what did you want to ask me?

JESS: Oh um… Your Grandfather works on campus right? I know you’ve mentioned it once or twice.

EMMA: Yeah, I think he still has an office over in Broughton, why?

JESS: …and what does he teach again?

EMMA: … honestly… I’m not sure. I don’t think he actually teaches anymore. Theoretically he’s retired, but my impression is that he’s mostly doing research… ? He has a lab, I do know that.

JESS: In what subject?

EMMA: Great question, so glad you asked… uh… ? I think… maybe… astrophysics? Quantum physics? I dunno. Why?

JESS: Do you know if his lab is taking any assistant researchers or interns or whatever? My advisor keeps hitting me over and over again with how I need to fill up my resume with undergraduate research and I have nothing.

EMMA: Don’t you have plenty of time…? You're just a sophomore…

JESS: This would be for next Fall, but I need to get ahead of the curve. I need to get in good with professors so I can get good internships so I can get a good job and not starve and…

EMMA: Slow down, Captain Catastrophe. If it’ll ease your mind I can ask him for you.

JESS: You’re a lifesaver.

EMMA: What would you do without me?

JESS: Stress. Like, all the time. Do you have any idea what he’s researching?

EMMA: Not really? He kinda keeps it to himself. I get the impression that it’s pretty hush hush. Like, R and D type stuff.

JESS: Really? R and D…in astrophysics…? That’s weird.

EMMA: Hey, I’m not a scientist. I dropped physics as soon as physic-ally possible. Gramps was real disappointed in me.

JESS: I just want to do something important, you know? I want to make a contribution that changes things. Be a part of a team that does something that nobody has done before and the world won't be the same after. You know, that kind of stuff.

EMMA: That’s a tall order, but I know you’ll do great things, I’ve always known you would. Meanwhile I just wanna graduate.

JESS: You will! As soon as you figure out what you wanna do.

EMMA: I bet Grandpa would love it if I asked about an internship for myself. But too bad. I’ll point him to you instead.

JESS: You’re the best.

EMMA: Of course.

JESS: It’s getting a little hot. Wanna head inside? Or at least find a breeze.

EMMA: Sure, yeah. Gotta love North Carolina summers.

JESS: It’s only Spring.

EMMA: Yeah… Where to?

JESS: Let’s head up this way.

EMMA: Ok cool.

EMMA: So…left or through here?

JESS: Let’s go through.

EMMA: Sure. So did we cover it all? Is there more you wanted to talk about?

JESS: That’s enough about me for the day. What’s up with the podcast? How’s it going?

EMMA: I dunno… I’m not really sure what I’m doing.

JESS: Seems like you have a lot of audio to work with… ?

EMMA: Yeah, but I don’t really know how to put it together exactly. Or say what I want to say exactly? I’ve recorded so much audio but I’m still not sure what my format is. Or if I want a format. Maybe I’m subversive like that.

JESS: You do like subversive.

EMMA: Just… how do you encapsulate the modern-day experience of womanhood? You know, feminism…but podcast.

JESS: Yeah that’s tricky. It’s not really a singular experience…But there’s still like a ton of universal aspects. You just have to find your point of view.

EMMA: Yeah, I guess.

JESS: But that’s what’s so important about the work that you’re doing. It is difficult, and there isn’t one answer. I’ve really liked what you’ve played for me…

EMMA: Thanks.

JESS: It’s really admirable that you’re creating something that is about something so large and universal but also incredibly personal. Whatever you end up with, I’m sure it’ll be great.

EMMA: That makes one of us.

JESS: What you played for me last week was great. You should just publish it and see what people think.

EMMA: …I’m worried about putting something out there. It’s the personal part that gets me. Even though it’s not about me exactly, it’ll still have my name on it…. It’ll be taken as a definitive statement on myself. It’s just scary.

JESS: I think you should just do it. It’s not going to be very many people seeing it right now anyway. It can be for you and whoever you choose to share it with.

EMMA: I don’t know…

EMMA: Did you know there used to be a building here?

JESS: Really?

EMMA: Yes! It was so cool and so weird.

JESS: I like the greenspace…

EMMA: It was called Harrelson Hall. Whenever we used to come to see Grandpa we’d walk by it this way. The building was round, which was super confusing if you were actually trying to figure out where you were supposed to go.

JESS: That sounds awful…

EMMA: But it was all on a ramp! One time we went in and there was a teacher’s cart and I got to roll myself down.

JESS: That sounds…dangerous.

EMMA: Oh, I almost certainly got a concussion.

Audio Podcast Part 4:

This QR code is located next to a bush in the green area where Harrelson Hall used to stand.

In this final part, Jess and Emma talk about pseudonyms for Emma to use for her podcasts, more about campus, and sit in the "wolf ears" sculptures outside D.H. Hill Library. This part ends talking about the laptop lockers inside D.H. Hill.

(Audio to the right, Transcript below)

Podcast Part 4

Audio Podcast Part 4 Transcript:

JESS: So… this is very interesting, but I totally noticed you changed the subject…

EMMA: Subtlety is not my strong suit is it?

JESS: Nope. I just want you to be able to put all your hard work out into the terrifying abyss of the internet! Is that so wrong?

EMMA: Oh, that makes me feel so much better about it.


EMMA: What?

JESS: What if you put a fake name on there.

EMMA: What?

JESS: For your podcast. Use a pseudonym. People won’t associate it with you if you don’t tell them who you are. What’s more “voice of a generation” than an anonymous voice?

EMMA: … That’s… not a bad idea…

JESS: If you’re no longer worried about what people will say about you specifically and only focus on the message and what you’re writing, what’s there to stop you?

EMMA: …I’ll have to think about that. Yeah. That sounds like it would be a lot less pressure.

JESS: Now all you have to do is come up with your stage name.

EMMA: Ms. Misfit, and her trusty sidekick, Captain Catastrophe.

JESS: Stage name, not superhero name. Something nondescript.

EMMA: Not like I have to be married to a name now. I’m still in the middle of editing a million episodes.

JESS: But not for long!

EMMA: I’ll keep sharing it with just you for now, though.

JESS: Ok fine. I won’t push. We could head over to our usual garden hangout…?

EMMA: Aww, I love that place. We don’t go there enough anymore.

JESS: I know. It’s definitely my favorite place on campus.

EMMA: Have you ever sat in those?

JESS: In the square things?

EMMA: Oh, they’re not just square things. They’re an audio experience. Oh and also a sculpture I guess.

JESS: Uh, ok.

EMMA: You go sit in that one and I’ll sit in the other!

EMMA: No, sit down! Actually sit. Lean back. Don’t be lame.

JESS: Fine!

EMMA: Can you hear me?

JESS: Holy crap! Yeah, I hear you. That’s so cool.

EMMA: I’m right behind youuuuuuuuuu…


EMMA: Come on, let’s get into the A/C.

JESS: Gladly.

EMMA: Ugh, I still have to study for that test tomorrow. I think I’ll head into the Library instead if that’s ok. Wanna come?

JESS: I mean, I’m done with class for the day and I always need to study so… I’m in.

EMMA: This History exam is gonna kill me.

JESS: Is this your history of Atlantis class?

EMMA: Yes! It’s History 305: Frauds and Mysteries of the Past, thank you very much. It’s actually really interesting. I like the class. It’s just tough.

JESS: Have you gotten to the Ancient Aliens yet?

EMMA: Oh yes! They made Stonehenge and then decided to bounce.

JESS: That’s hilarious. I need to take this class!

EMMA: I can’t wait to talk about my bigfoot theories.

JESS: After you.

EMMA: Why thank you. So refined…

JESS: Where do you want to go?

EMMA: Uh… let’s go to the lounge on the first floor.

JESS: Sounds good.

EMMA: Oh crap. Looks like my laptop is about dead.

JESS: I think there are charging lockers over there to the right.

EMMA: Perfect.

EMMA: To be continued, unnamed podcast episode. Note to future me: Jess is the best.

The final QR code is located at the laptop lockers in D.H. Hill Library. This code does not give another part to the audio podcast, but instead gives the call number for a book in the library.

You are in search of:

Emma's Journal

by: Emma Beldon







This book is located on the ninth floor of D.H. Hill on the south side, tethered to the end of a shelf.

(This book has been in The Cadre's possession for a while and we felt it to be important for our members to obtain the knowledge and information in the book. We hoped they could use it to gain more information on Emma and possibly Jess' disappearances)

Inside this book contains many entries by Emma in the months leading up to her and Jess' disappearances. The book details Emma's journey after Jess disappeared, and continues after her own disappearance.

Contents of the book can be found below.

(Thank you to Cadre members for documenting the contents of the book)