The Strays

Who Are They?? Where Are They??

The strays are our commonly used term for the people we believe have been lost in time. We have reason to believe some of these people who were associated with the Hourglass and some may have been in the wrong place at the wrong time. The Cadre have many theories on how and when these students were taken. Our most uncertainty is where they were ended up.

The Cadre have been, and are currently, devoting as many resources as we can to answer these questions and find a solution to bringing them home.

"Whether purposeful or by accident, the Hourglass is responsible for the lives they have put at risk. These students should not have the trajectory of their lives altered due to the negligence and mismanagement of science. And since The Hourglass refuses to fix what they have broken, then we will." -Mister E

Jessica Grayson

Institute ID: JG68495

Tarot Codename: The Hermit

Taylor Thomas

Institute ID: TT48134

Tarot Codename: The Fool

Emma Beldon

Institute ID: EB15397

Tarot Codename: The Hanged Man