The Red Thread Bulletin is the story website associated with The Institute, a 2 year long project by University Theatre (UT) at NC State University.

This project started in Fall 2020, by Jayme Mellema and Michael White, as a way of engaging students in different ways while remote during the Covid-19 pandemic year. This is an original story developed by students and staff members of UT over the course of the 2020-2021 academic year. Scripts were written starting in Summer 2021, the first flyers and signups went out to the NC State Community October 22, 2021, and the first experience started November 4, 2021.

Over the course of the end of the fall 2021 semester and the entire spring 2022 semester; student, staff, and faculty participated in 11 different unique experiences that culminated into this grand story.

From this point on, this website is told from the perspective of Goodspeed, one of the leaders of The Cadre, the counter movement to The Institute...

I hereby acknowledge and agree that I am not a member of the Hourglass or any associated programs or groups. I also agree that I will never be a member or associated with The Hourglass. I am entering this website out of my own free will and desire to know more. I was informed by The Cadre this would be the most accurate source of information from their perspective and I have no plans and will not ever have any plans to use this knowledge to hurt or harm anyone.

This knowledge is here to inform and assess the plans of The Cadre and to allow Cadre members to know the truth about certain topics. I take this knowledge with good intent.