Welcome fellow truth seekers to The Red Thread Bulletin. Our Mission is to categorize and publicize the extensive research of The Cadre. We work exclusively to bring to light the unethical practices of groups such as The Hourglass.

This website is actively managed by several members to share the most up-to-date information the Cadre believe their fellow members deserve to see. All released information is reviewed and approved by a select few members including Mister E and Goodspeed. Here you will find a collection of our findings. Take a look for yourself. It will be updated as we gather more information and assess it's relevance.


"Cadre members will be informed by either myself or Goodspeed when there are major changes to this site. We believe the entire community deserves to know this information. The contents of this site are vetted for it's accuracy and relevance to ensure the most authentic information. We do not spread rumors." -Mister E


The Hourglass

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The Strays

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