Gathering Intel- The Vehicle

Several days after The Cadre's first contact, new members receive a mysterious email.

The Email reads as follows:

Message Incoming...

This communication may be monitored by The Institute.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .


I shall speak in vagaries in lue of interception from The Hourglass.

Further knowledge may be acquired through diligence and observation.

As promised at the of our previous encounter, there is much more to come.

We’re grateful for your trust and courage in defiance of The Hourglass.

We continue the search for our strays:

Jess Grayson

Taylor Thomas

Emma Beldon


The Hourglass will likely be in contact. Allow them to live in their illusions by acting the part to perfection.


A vehicle has been identified on central campus that belongs to a stray.

Find the location of the vehicle.

to begin, a hero must batTle alongside the gladiators in the many spaces of the coliseum.

they must staRt on the side of the rising sun and take the first step and climb to their greatness.

the green knight dUo aspires to rise to beCome the yellow warrior trio.

the hero and their chariot of eff won fifty coins;

and the king of par marKed their plate with the numbers 5989 to signify their glory.

Discover the stray and make contact if possible.

But beware, The Hourglass has many eyes. Do not disturb the chariot. Stay safe and investigate with other Cadre members, especially at night. We need no further strays! Report any suspicious activity.

Happy Hunting,

Mister E

This email comes from Mister E directly and is the first the new members have received.

Mister E confirms the information the members obtained during the previous encounter then directs them to their next task. Their next task is to solve the riddle to find the location of a mysterious vehicle on campus, to find any information they can about it, and to report back their findings. This vehicle is believed to belong to one of the missing students.

When the riddle is deciphered, it explains they are looking to go to the stairs on the east side of the Coliseum Parking Deck, to start on the 2nd floor (green) and go to the 3rd floor (yellow.) Once there, they will be looking for a Ford 150, green in color with the license plate PN-5989.

The Vehicle is parked in a parking spot reserved for The Institute.

Inside the vehicle, members discover several suspicious items. The most interesting items being a tarot card with the symbol of The Fool, a parking ticket, and a letter seemingly from Taylor to someone named Parker. These items were found on the dashboard of the vehicle with the ticket under the windshield wiper.

The letter reads:


I just got my new phone and

I'm headed to study, so here is

my new number, just in case

you need to find me. CALL ME

if you need anything! or for


-Taylor (919-515-2033)

When the phone number is called an automatic voice recording begins, seemingly sounding like an automated voicemail. The voice gives a date recieved as August 16, 1996. After, another voice starts to speak.

Voicemail 1

This message is a voicemail message from Taylor, one of the missing, to someone named Parker. They say they are running late after falling asleep while studying in the library. They soon after discover their car is not in the location where they left it. Taylor proceeds to attempt to rationalize the disappearance of their car. They attempt to go to the transportation office, but find it to be closed. They decide in the end to ask Parker to pick them up from the library and they would figure it out the following day.

Taylor Voicemail #1

Transcript for #1:

"Voice message recieved: August 16, 1996"

Hey Parker, it’s Taylor. I’m running slightly late for movie night. I fell asleep studying in the library for Socio... Sorry, that was weird. I know I shouldn’t have parked in the deck, I was only supposed to be here for a couple hours. Yes it was a reserved spot but it’s after 5 and there was no one there. I hope I didn't get another ticket. I can’t afford another one. Hey, I’ll call you back in a minute.

Hey Parker, it’s Taylor. Sorry, I got lost for a second, I had to concentrate. Also, I just walked past like 8 people standing in the middle of the brickyard dancing to The Macarena. Who does that? Anyways, The library seemed to be having a themed party or something. Everyone was dressed like they’re in Buffy the Vampire Slayer. It's really weird. Wait, didn’t I park over here? Oh no, over there.

So my father asked me to come home next weekend. I think I'm gonna go to make him happy, since It’s almost his birthday. I just want you to know, in case I go missing or something. Where is my car? I parked it right here. Transportation must have towed it. I guess I'm going to the transportation office. I’ll call you back, again.

Hey Parker, it’s Taylor. The transportation office was closed. I guess it is getting kind of late. If you get this call, can you come pick me up? I'm gonna go wait at the library. Call me when you get close, otherwise I’m going to be sleeping here tonight.

After reporting their findings back to Mister E, the members are told more their findings will be looked into and to continue their lives as normal until they are contacted again.