A New Voicemail

Several days after discovering Taylor's vehicle, the new members receive a correspondence from Mister E. This time it is not new task, but more of an update and relaying information about The Cadre.

This email reads as follows:


I want to thank you for the expeditious discovery of the vehicle, and your diligent reporting back regarding your findings. My colleague Goodspeed and I have gathered this information and are following leads as they arise.

Due to your reconnaissance, We are confident the vehicle belongs to one of our strays, Taylor Thomas.

Which brings us to our primary reason for contacting you. This morning, a Cadre member reported that another voicemail has appeared from Taylor’s phone following the previous messages.

Your next task:

If you wish to hear it, simply call the number again (919-515-2033) and confirm this intel. This is an information gathering mission and requires no further in-person investigation at this time.


Goodspeed has created a hub for information we have gathered. We believe it to be important for you to have access to this information. We will update it periodically as new intel is gathered and as you report any findings.


In addition, we hope it will be a hub for communication as well as information. If any of you have been communicating with each other via reddit threads, Discord, etc. and wish to share it with the full Cadre group, send those links to Goodspeed (cadregoodspeed@gmail.com) and they can be added to the Red Thread Bulletin. Similarly, if none have materialized so far and you wish to create one, please contact Goodspeed.

We will make contact again in the future when The Cadre has any new information to share.

Mister E

In this email, Mister E reaffirms the members' findings as the car belonging to Taylor, one of the lost. Mister E also tells the members about Goodspeed, Mister E's second in command. Goodspeed has been working on the Red Thread Bulletin, a hub for all the information gathered by the members and informants.

The members are informed of a new voicemail playing through the phone number and are asked to call the same number as before to receive the intel.

Voicemail 2

"Voice message received August 17, 1996"

This message is again a voicemail from Taylor to Parker. In this message Taylor visited the transportation office to find their car. The transportation office did not have a record of Taylor, which shocked them. Afterwards, they walked around campus noticing major differences between what they know and what they saw. At the end, they start to panic and hang up.

Taylor Voicemail #2

Transcript for #2:

"Voice message received August 17, 1996"

Hey Parker, it’s Taylor. So I went to the transportation office today; you know, to try and find my car. The lady at the desk looked at me weirdly and then riffled through a large pile of papers. She told me they had no record of my car. I told them there must be a mistake. I told her my name and she looked through a set of files. She came back and asked me If I was being funny. THEY HAD NO RECORD OF ME. HOW DO I NOT EXIST? I’ve been here for 2 years.

I started walking around and things are so weird. Talley doesn’t even look the same. There is a giant round building in the middle of the brickyard, I think it’s called Harrelson. How Did I not catch this yesterday? Am I that oblivious? Am I going crazy or am I not in 2021 anymore? How is this possible?

Wait, if I’m not in 2021 anymore, how does my phone still work? Are you even getting these? Why am I doing this?