The Way to the First Mission

Several weeks after the last communication, Cadre members are welcomed with a new email correspondence from Mister E. This email is unlike any received before.

The email reads as follows:


Welcome back to campus. While you’ve been away on break, much continues to happen behind the scenes as Goodspeed and I continue our search. As such, we have much to report on.


If you have not yet investigated the vehicle itself and you wish to do so, you may want to do so soon, before it is towed. We’ve recently received word that a 3rd voicemail has appeared from Taylor’s phone, following the previous 2 messages. If you wish to hear it, simply call the number again (919-515-2033) and confirm this intel. As before, this is an information gathering mission and requires no further in-person investigation at this time. Furthermore, if any new messages appear in the future (or past?) we will inform you and upload all past messages to our hub of information:

As a reminder, this is where we will be putting all updates as they come in, including recaps of previous missions, in case you or a team member have missed anything. So I encourage you to check back periodically.

Along a similar thread, another Cadre member has created a Discord channel dedicated to the search for our Strays. Here you’ll be able to discuss with each other everything that is Institute and Cadre related. It can be found here: [REDACTED]

This channel is not moderated by Goodspeed or myself and is currently not known to The Institute itself, so feel free to discuss openly.

YOUR NEXT TASK: Find and Sign up for Mission #1.

Goodspeed and I have a mission for you all! Because email is not secure, we’ve hidden, somewhere on campus, the signup for the next in-person mission, so you’ll need to find it. Below is a QR code that will take you to a location. It is the beginning of a trail for you to follow. At its terminus you’ll find the link to signup for your first real mission. You’ll find other ancillary pieces of information along the way as well.

But beware, The Hourglass has many eyes. Stay safe and investigate with other Cadre members and I encourage you to search during the day. We need no further strays! Report any suspicious activity.

We will see you soon at the Mission,

Mister E

Voicemail 3:

Mister E informs the members of another new voicemail being found from Taylor's number. This makes it the third new voicemail from the same phone number.

"Voice message received August 25, 1996"

In this message, Taylor appears to be in shock about their surroundings and being what appears to be 1996. They sound depressed and appear to be beginning to accept their new reality.

Taylor Voicemail #3

Transcript for #3:

"Voice message received August 25, 1996."

Hey Parker, it’s Taylor. I don’t know what’s going on anymore. I just wanna go home.

I understand that I’m not at home anymore. I mean, I am but not in the right time. That sounds absolutely insane. Am I going crazy? Visually, I understand where I am, but logically it makes no sense.

I’ve gone over it time and time again. I’ve walked the path I took that afternoon, nothing is out of the ordinary. Over and over again… maybe I missed something. I just don’t understand how one minute I’m in 2021 and now I’m here.

Please come and find me. I just want to go home.

Trail to the First Mission

In this email, Mister E gives the members information about their first official mission as a Cadre Member. Due to security concerns, Mister E and Goodspeed give the members a QR code to a location where they will have to follow a path to learn information and find the sign-up for their first mission.