Gathering Intel- The Museum

Shortly before being told about Mission 1, Mister E and I sent the Cadre members communication about intel we needed them to gather. This intel was information about various locations on campus that are/were significant to The Hourglass or our stray. This "trail" ended at an Hourglass installment at The Gregg Museum.

The members were given a QR code with the information for the beginning of the "trail" at the end of a communication from Mister E and told to investigate in groups and during the day.

Location 0-

"This annex was built in 1974 and included this secluded seating area. Originally, Dr. Beldon had petitioned for these pedestals to contain statues of himself and the other founders of The Institute, including an empty plinth to represent his late mentor, Dr. Reeves. He claimed that the historic nature of their work warranted immortalization. However his proposal was turned down. Since, Dr. Beldon has claimed that he withdrew the proposal to protect The Institute once the project moved underground and their presence scrubbed." (35.78709650869141, -78.66752431162557)

This location was in the green area between Ricks Hall and the Annex for Ricks Hall. The QR Code here leads to Location 1.

Location 1-

"This area, also known as “The Court of Ideas” is notable for supposedly being the location where Dr. Beldon first hatched his ideas regarding NED Matter while working on his PHD in Physics. In the years that followed, it was oddly noted that he spent much time here contemplating, reading, and working in a particular notebook for many decades."

This location was the top of the steps of the Court of North Carolina, facing away from 1911. The QR Code here leads to Location 2.

Location 2-

"Dedicated to the Class of 1987 as a study space and outdoor classroom, this area was designed with the help of the College of Humanities and Social Science faculty. It was also the site of, a now infamous, verbal fight between Beldon and 2 other founders of The Institute, Peter Albright, and Jack Merton in 1990. Shortly thereafter both members left NCSU and very little is known about their current whereabouts."

This location was on the north side of the Court of North Carolina, close to Tompkins Hall. The QR Code here leads to Location 3.

Location 3-

"This tree is a significant location to one of our strays, Emma. Friends who knew her noted after her disappearance that it was a favorite place for her to frequent and study. Similarly, the graffiti located nearby was also notably one of her favorite pieces of guerrilla art."

This location was on the south side of Court of North Carolina, between Leazer Hall and Poe Hall. The QR Code here leads to Location 4.

Location 4-

"“The Ellipsoidal Construction” or The Egg is a steel sculpture by former NCSU School of Design faculty member Roy Gussow in 1960. Many of his sculptures were of particular inspiration to Dr. Beldon while he was finishing up his PHD here on campus. Examples of his work have been seen printed in his office in the past. We suspect that he may have been consulted regarding the aesthetic design of several of Dr. Beldon’s devices, however this is speculation. The adjacent sunken courtyard, built in 1978, is also a known location where Dr. Beldon would periodically meet with Dr. Meridian for lunch."

This location was in the courtyard inbetween Kamphoefner Hall and Brooks Hall. The QR Code here leads to Location 5.

Location 5-

"Originally built in 1897 as the campus infirmary, this building served as a major defense against the 1918 Spanish Flu. Many students ended up in the infirmary during the course of the Flu Pandemic, hundreds of which died in this building. Like today, the pandemic reverberated several years following it’s onset. Since then there have been many claims of supernatural occurrences in the building, even after it’s renovation and expansion in 1959. These occurrences apparently drew the attention of Dr. Beldon in the years following his retirement, possibly in connection with his interest in memory and consciousness mapping. "

This location was on the south side of Winslow Hall. The QR Code here leads to Location 6.

Location 6-

"Here we find another example of Emma’s interest in art. “Toy Defense” by sculptor Adam C. Walls was built in 2006 using inspirations from toys and comics based on his childhood fantasies. It illustrates the significance of creativity, artistry, and passion in invention and creation. Although it wasn’t her favorite, Emma was heard remarking on it several times prior to her disappearance."

This location was across Pullen Rd from Location 5 in Pullen Park. The QR Code here leads to Location 7. *After repeated removal, we added a bypass at this location*

Location 7-

"We are now taking you toward your final destination. Nestled in and amongst this grove of Magnolias is a mysterious grouping of stones, presumably a sculpture. It can be found by walking down the sidewalk and passing through these small gates. See, Sit, Sow, Sud, and Sad surround the Sun."

This location was in the tree cover infront of The Gregg Museum. The QR Code here leads to Location 8.

Location 8-

"Sud can be translated as South, which is where you're headed next. Both Emma and her Grandfather have visited this building on many occasions. Dr. Beldon has been known to donate both money and objects to this establishment. Which, if you know where to look, can be found on display right now. Beldon’s internal tug-of-war over the desire for recognition and the need for secrecy is beautifully on display here, where there is an exhibit of work related to The Institute. However it is hidden within the building for only those who know how to find it.

***If you choose to enter, be aware that their hours of operation are 10am-5pm, Tues-Sat. Please be respectful of their rules and policies.***"

This location was the front of The Gregg Museum. The QR Code here leads to Location 9.

Location 9-

"Find this crystal finial, an original to this building. Although it’s attached to an actual staircase, here it is highlighting “The Devil’s Staircase”. Across from the “Staircase” is the door to the exhibit."

This location was in the residence section of The Gregg Museum, in front of the original front door. It leads to the location of the exhibit.

In the closet under the stairs is a small exhibit; "Time Pocket: Weird Science and Other Treasures of The Institute." At the bottom of the placque was a list of names of collection donors including Alister Beldon.

Inside the case was a selection of several items, including one of the first computer generated drawings, several items that look like they could have been used for scientific research, and many other items.

Underneath the sign was a postcard for a psychic named Professor Zohar and on the back was a hand-written letter dated 10-29-22 (October 29, 1922.) The letter was from T (find out during Mission 1, Teddy) to Jessica asking if Jessica would join them for a reading happening the following evening with Professor Zohar.

Letter Content:



I have employed this fellow to speak with D and myself tomorrow evening at 7pm. I know you're not supposed to leave the Infirmary, but we'd be delighted of you'd join us! We'd be happy to bring him to you.

Please say yes, it'll be a gas!

p.s. We'll be by later this evening for a visit.


Below is a map of all the locations from this "Trail"