The Next Mission

A few days after completion of the Cadre member's first mission, they receive an email from Mister E reminding members to sign up for Mission 1 if they have not at that point, as this mission could not be kept open forever due to rising suspicion by The Institute. For the member who have completed the first mission, Mister E is ready for them to sign up for their next mission, Mission 2.

The following day, Mister E sends out another email to the Cadre members with more information.

The email reads as follows:


We are beginning to see significant progress and intel on our primary objective coming from many Cadre members. Going forward, expect to see more frequent communication from Goodspeed and myself.

Recent Communication:

Yesterday, you all received an email from me with a time sensitive request. I wanted to get the information to you as soon as it became available to me. I would like to reinforce it here.

If you have not yet completed mission 1, it is imperative that you sign up and complete it as soon as possible. Recent reconnaissance has reported that the Hourglass may be becoming suspicious of our activity and plans to move the equipment after February 12. So you will have until then to do so. Also to reduce our visibility, we will be removing the trail to your first objective around the same day.

For those of you who have completed Mission 1, we are advancing you to your next mission, mission 2. For you all, it is important for you to sign up as soon as possible. With recent suspicion and stability playing a major factor, We will have a limited window for this mission to be completed.

Another voicemail:

This morning, while archiving the first 3, Goodspeed informed me of a new voicemail from Taylor. The difference in this one being it stands alone, the previous 3 are no longer there. If you wish to hear, call the number again. (919-515-2033) If you missed any previous, Goodspeed is working on getting them on the website soon.

Your next objective:

While doing research on campus, a Cadre member stumbled upon a recording between 2 of our strays. To keep from further suspicion by the Hourglass, we have placed a new trail with sections from this audio. The end of the trail leads to what we believe is insight into the mind of one of our strays. The QR code with the starting location is at the bottom of this email.

This objective is beneficial but not required to be completed before Mission 2 but should be completed in a timely manner. We can not keep this open forever, but we will try to keep it inline with Mission 2.

With increased Hourglass suspicion, be safe out there when completing your missions and objectives. Stay safe and investigate with other Cadre members, we do not want to lose any of you. Be sure to report any suspicious activity.

Until next time,

Mister E

Voicemail 4:

Mister E also informs the members of a new voicemail being recieved.

"Voice message received September 5, 1996"

In this message, Taylor decides to start dating the logs and is beginning to accept their new reality. They sign up for classes and spent the entire day filling out paperwork for financial aid. They end the message with telling Parker they made a new friend.

Taylor Voicemail #4

Transcript for #4:

"Voice message received September 5, 1996."

Hey Parker, It’s Taylor. I figure I should start dating these things so I don’t forget how long it’s been. Today is September 5th. It’s been almost 3 weeks since I arrived and I think I'm starting to get used to it. I mean, I still don’t feel like I belong, but it really isn’t that bad. I was hiding out anywhere I could for the first few days, until I realized I can’t keep hiding forever, I have to start living my life. If it means I live here now, then so be it.

I tried something crazy earlier; I went and I signed up for classes. I thought, what could it hurt? I walked into the registrar’s office and signed up for classes, which was super easy. I can’t believe I actually got registered. I have 2 classes on Monday.

The thing I won’t ever get used to is how slow electronics are. When I was filling out the paperwork for financial aid, the program was so slow, It took like 5 minutes to load a page and form on the computer, every single time. It took me most of the day to get through it. Most people don’t even have cell phones or laptops. Some do, but you should see how big and clunky they are. They have no clue how much the internet is gonna change the world.

I guess that’s about it for now. You would be proud of how brave I was. It’s okay here, but I still want to go home and see my family.

Oh, and Parker, I may have made a friend. I’ll tell you next time.

Trail to The Second Mission:

In this email, Mister E tells the members its time to sign up for their next mission. Along with giving the link for their mission signups, Mister E informs the members of another trail and another need to gather intel. This trail is not required, but would give insight to two of the missing students from before they went missing. The email concludes with a QR code to the first location.