Mission 5- The Lab

After signing up, Cadre members are told to meet their informant once again at the courtyard outside Broughton Hall. When they arrive at their scheduled time, they are met by an informant and lead to a large door on the back side of the building, not an entrance they have entered before.

This video is an almost complete walkthrough experience of this mission. The video cuts out shortly before the end of the mission. If you continue below, there is a full detailed explaination of this mission.

The Cadre members are lead to a large door on the back side of Broughton Hall and brought into a smaller hallway. The Informant tells the members there is one last message for them.

The informant presses play on the laptop sitting on a shelf against one wall. On the screen Emma Belbell begins speaking to the members. She informs them of the importance of this final mission for bringing all of the missing students including herself back to their own time. She says the members will need to interact with the CHRONOS to input the data from the algorithm.

She also tells them of the importance of shutting down the system permanently.

Transcript of Mister E:

Welcome Travelers. This is it. This is our one shot to finish all of this. Taylor and I have sounded an alarm to clear the Lab. It’s been silenced for about 40 minutes but once it goes off again you’ll need to leave before the Lab Technicians return. Your goal here today is clear: to finally end all of this and bring us home. To do that, you’ll need to input the first part of the decoded Algorithm information into CHRONOS. It should stabilize the system, making it possible to accurately target us with the ID numbers. Once finished, be sure to use the other half of The Algorithm to shut down the entire system permanently.

I wish I could be there to help you, but now that I’m no longer a member of The Institute, CHRONOS will likely recognize me and lock down the system. So it looks like you’re on your own. To that end, I’d like to give you a few final words of advice. As you’ve heard previously, CHRONOS can be… unpredictable and somewhat challenging, so be very cautious when interacting with him. Also, this was originally Jess’ Lab and her connection to the Tarot cards is present as well, however its significance is still unknown to us. And, finally, if you need any help, your Informant can assist you as best they can.

Travelers… If you’re successful here tonight, this version of myself and Taylor, may or may not continue to exist. We truly don't know what’s going to happen. However, regardless of the outcome, we want you to know that we’re happy knowing that our younger selves will have a shot at a normal life again. One free from The Institute and this horrible loop. Without you, we would never have made it this far, so we want to thank you deeply, for your dedication to our cause. Good luck. And, hopefully we’ll see you on the other side!

The informant then proceeds to unlock and open the door to the lab behind them. They tell the members that they will have roughly 30 minutes to complete their task before the Institute notices anything has happened.

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