The Final Piece to the Puzzle

Several days after finishing Mission 3, the Cadre members receive a new email from Mister E. In this email, Mister E confirms that the algorithm is kept in Dr. Beldon's office and their next mission is to infiltrate his office and retrieve a copy of it from his desk.

Mister E also informs the members about receiving the seventh voicemail from Taylor.

This email reads as follows:


Your recent mission was a major breakthrough, getting us even closer to bringing the strays home. With the cypher in hand and some help from Jess’ letters in the past, we now know for certain that Dr. Beldon kept copies of The Algorithm in his Office.

This brings me to your next mission. We have been watching Dr. Beldon’s office and documenting the times of heavy Hourglass activity. Through this intel, we have identified blocks of time best suited for infiltrating his office to retrieve a copy of The Algorithm. We believe this is the final piece we need to bring them home. We believe this will be a quick get in and get out operation.

An informant familiar with the office activity will meet you for your safety and help keep watch.

An Important Voicemail:

As expected, we recently received another voicemail from Taylor. This makes 7 messages in total. We highly recommend you give this voicemail a listen. It has important developing information about Taylor. (919-515-2033)

Until Next Time,

Mister E

Voicemail 7:

"Voice message received June 3, 1997"

In this voicemail, Taylor goes through several strange situations and revelations.

At the beginning of the voicemail, Taylor receives a note with a statement about September 11, 2001 and to meet them because this person knows what happened to them. Taylor continues to explain a strange mannerism of Reggie's that reminds them of their father. They quickly make the revelation that Reggie is very similar to their father, in fact the same person. This leads them to realize that Christina is their mother and that they set up their parents and are named after themself.

Taylor Voicemail #7

Transcript for #7:

Voice message received June 3, 1997.

Hey Parker, It’s Taylor. It’s June 3th. Being frank, since I called you last week, things have gotten weird. I don’t even know where to begin.

Yesterday, I was having lunch in Talley and checking my mail when I came across a strange letter. Inside was a handwritten letter that read, “September 11, 2001 The World Trade Towers fell. I know what happened to you. Meet me.” I am supposed to meet this person tomorrow. Obviously, I am too curious to not go, maybe there are more people like me. I will update after.

More of a normal note, last night I was chilling with Christina and Reggie. We were watching the last episode of the first season of Buffy. I remember watching this episode with my parents when I was younger. I remember, My dad made this stupid joke about the show. You know, thinking about it, Reggie made the same joke. You know, My dad's name is Reginald. That is a weird coincidence. No… it can’t be the same, can it? When did dad start school? ‘94? NO! It can’t be the same. My dad met my mom in college, it can't be. My mom’s name is Chris… Chris is short for Christina. Wait, are they my parents? This is all a coincidence, right? They can't be…

My dad is so uptight and all about rules. Reggie is the complete opposite; he skips class, doesn’t want to be tied down. I’ve never seen him without this large bushy beard and my dad has always been bald and clean shaven. It can’t be true. Did I set up my parents?

How did I not see it before? But It’s so obvious now. He is so similar. And that means Christina is my mom?

Wait… My mom always talks about me being named after her college friend… that was me? I’m named after myself??? How did this happen?

This is too weird. I can’t think about this right now. I need to go for a walk.

Voicemail 8:

Similar to mission 3, Mister E sends out a reminder email to Cadre members to sign up for mission 4. In this email, Mister E tells them about receiving a new voicemail from Taylor. Mister E also strongly recommends listening to this voicemail.

"Voice message received August 31, 1997."

In this voicemail, Taylor's tone has shifted compared to previous voicemails. In this voicemail, Taylor informs Parker of President Clinton's affair, then moves onto the story of meeting a mysterious woman who has a similar story to them. She tells them that she works on campus and was also pulled from her time many years earlier. They decide to start to work together.

Taylor Voicemail #8

Transcript for #8

Voice message received August 31, 1997.

Hey Parker. Today is August 31 and the beginning of my final year of college. It’s truly surreal it’s been this long. I know it’s been a while since I contacted you, things are moving so fast lately and life is changing so quickly.

In recent world news, President Clinton admitted to having “relations” with someone other than his wife. I remember hearing about it happening when I was younger, but I never realized how much it truly shook the US. The world is not prepared for the technological boom coming in the near future.

In more personal news, Things have been weird since the whole parents thing. I don’t want to talk about it. Also last time we chatted I received a mysterious letter; well, I met the sender. The instructions led me to a random science building on campus. Inside a woman was waiting. I’ve seen her before on campus, but I’ve never talked to her. We ended up talking for several hours. She knew a lot about what I had been through. Come to find out, She had been through similar circumstances as me.

We have started meeting regularly since that day. We’ve been talking more and more about info and research she has been collecting since she arrived several decades ago. She’s dedicated her life to finding out what caused all of this. I feel like we’ve started becoming a team. I won’t divulge any info here because you never know who could be listening.

I shouldn’t say anymore. I’ve probably said too much already. What I will say is keep an eye out for big changes coming on the horizon. Until next time.