Onto the Next Mission

A short period of time after completing Mission 2, members recieved their next assignment from Mister E.

The email reads as follows:


I am grateful for your continued hard work and effort to solve the mystery of our strays and to find a way to bring them home.

If you have not yet signed up to complete Mission 2, I ask that you do so as soon as possible. We have a limited window to act and it will come to a close this Sunday February 20th. https://go.ncsu.edu/mission2 Similarly, we do not expect the current trail to be accessible for much longer, as it has created slight chatter on Hourglass channels.

To follow up on my last correspondence, we are currently organizing all the intel received from the previous mission and will update the website soon. For those of you who did not attend The Institute’s Orientation or a previous mission, I’ll reiterate that this is where all gathered intel will be shared regarding missions and objectives. https://www.redthreadbulletin.com


We are ready to advance you to your next mission, Mission 3. Utilizing Hourglass technology, we have finally found a space we’ve been desperately searching for. If you wish to assist with our continued efforts, sign up here: https://go.ncsu.edu/mission3 We will have a limited window of opportunity to complete this mission and must continue at this rapid pace before you all scatter for Spring Break.


Last night, a Cadre member informed me of a change in Taylor's voicemail. This has yet to be analyzed but I believe it to be important to keep you up to date. If you wish to hear it, call the number: (919-515-2033) Their frequency appears to be increasing. We will be sure to update you when and if this happens.


Goodspeed informed me of some of your concern of Hourglass infiltration among your communication channels. At this time, we do not suspect any leaks or cracks in the system. The Hourglass is on heightened alert for any unauthorized activity, but we do not believe they have access to our communications. We will continue to monitor the situation.

Regardless, remain vigilant as you complete your missions. Be safe and investigate with other Cadre members and as always be sure to report any suspicious activity. We do not want to lose any members.

Until next time,

Mister E

In this email, Mister E announces the release of signups for Mission 3 along with finding the fifth voicemail from Taylor. The next mission does not have a trail to preceed it.

Voicemail 5

"Voice message received October 31, 1996"

In this message, Taylor sounds quite settled in their new life. They continue to record these for Parker, but it has transitioned more into a diary of the goings on in their life.

They talk about their new friends Reggie and Christina, who they are trying to get to go on a date. They seem to be starting to enjoy their new life.

Taylor Voicemail #5.wav

Transcript for #5:

"Voice message received October 31, 1996."

Hey Parker, It’s Taylor. Happy Halloween. Midterms were ROUGH. I feel like I barely passed them. I was so glad when fall break came. I didn’t end up doing much other than hanging with a couple friends. Mainly Christina, Reggie, and a couple others. We just watched a bunch of VHS tapes that we borrowed from the library. I didn’t really have anywhere else to go. It was really nice. I feel like I’m really starting to fit in here.

I’m going to my first party tonight. Christina is forcing me to go with her. There’s gonna be a bunch of other people there from my classes and Reggie, so at least I will know some of them. I think Christina has a thing for Reggie, but she keeps denying it everytime I bring it up. I think I’m gonna try to set them up. They always poke fun at each other like an old married couple, it’s kinda funny. They obviously like each other. Reggie would never admit it because he’s “too cool and a lone wolf” to be tied down. Ugh… Him and his stupid beard.

I am really getting used to this. Christina keeps telling me how excited she is to go see Jerry McGuire when it comes out. She loves Tom Cruise. I just sit there quietly and nod. She’s so excited, I don’t want to spoil it for her. I think I am going to drag Reggie along and make them sit together. He is going to HATE sitting through it. He hates rom-coms, He’s “too manly for them.” I’m gonna make him do it anyway. He would do anything for Christina, even if he would never admit it.

Anyways, I guess I should go back to studying and matchmaking. I will talk to you again in a couple days.

Voicemail 6:

Several days after the initial signup for Mission 3, Mister E sends out a reminder email to the Cadre members to sign up for the mission and informs them of another voicemail having been recieved.

"Voice message received February 3, 1997"

In this message, Taylor tells Parker about their latest adventures with Reggie and Christina and how their relationship is becoming more serious.

Taylor also tells Parker about a man shouting about the bad things coming with the year 2000. Taylor is amused by this because of knowing that none of the things he says are true.

Taylor Voicemail #6

Transcript of #6:

Voice message received February 3, 1997.

Hey Parker, It’s Taylor. Today is February 3rd. The librarian said I’ve got a couple minutes before my paper finishes printing. It's only 2 pages, WHY does it take 10 MINUTES to print?? I’ll never get used to this. I guess it does make me slow down and think about things more. I figured I should call you since it’s been a couple weeks.

The other day Reggie forced Christina to go see Space Jam with him for the 3rd time as payback for the whole Jerry McGuire thing last year. He’s too manly for Jerry McGuire, but loves a movie about cartoons playing basketball? Whatever.

Reggie asked me for advice the other day on how he should tell Christina he loves her. That boy is completely smitten. And he thought he couldn't be tied down, RIGHT. Christina is going to freak when it happens. The two of them are so cute. I feel like I’m just as much a part of this as they are.

So I was in the Brickyard earlier today, enjoying the nice weather and waiting for Christina to be done with class, when I heard this shouting coming from a corner over by Harrelson. Do you remember when there used to be those crazy preachers who shout at people? You remember how we used to love just giving them dirty looks? It was kind of like that, except this guy was shouting about Y2K. He was just screaming about how all the computers were gonna take over our minds. We’ll be so connected to each other through some invisible waves and walk around like zombies.

I mean he was kinda right, but I’m not gonna be the one to tell HIM that. I would look just as crazy.

Anyways, I guess I should go check on my printing. I will talk to you again in a couple days.